Garage Door Bottom Seal Weatherstrip Installation

Garage Door Bottom Seal Weatherstrip Installation

Weatherstripping the gaps of your doors and windows can save you money and make your home more resistant to bugs, animals, dust and dirt. The garage door is no exception. Applying weatherstripping and bottom seal to your garage door will keep bugs and dirt out and heat (or cool air) in. Think of it as extra insulation. It won’t affect the movement of your garage door and can easily be applied within an hour or less. All About Doors and Windows always has weatherstripping in stock. This can be purchased online at Please call us if you have any questions.

Tools Needed

  • Hacksaw (for cutting weatherstripping)
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Caulk

To Install Exterior Weatherstripping to Your Garage Door:

  1. 1) Measure the width of the opening of your garage door, and cut weatherstripping to size.
  2. 2) Close garage door and nail weatherstripping to top edge of the door frame so that the thinnest part butts up against the face of the garage door and seals the space there to allot for the opening and closing of the garage door. (If is easier, you can install your weatherstripping in a few pieces. Just make sure they adequately seal the opening and don’t leave any gaps.)

  1. 3) Measure from the ground to the top of the door frame, and cut weatherstripping to size.
  2. 4) Keeping the garage door closed, nail weatherstripping to the door frame in the same manner that you did the top, so that the weatherstripping seals the gap between the moving garage door and the door frame of the garage.

    Note: If you have a one-piece door, nail the stripping to the door itself, with the long flap going out away from the center of the door.

  3. 5) You can now apply caulking to the outside edge of the weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal.
  4. 6) Next, apply bottom seal (foamier, heavier weather stripping) to the bottom of your garage door in the same fashion. Open the garage door so that you can reach the bottom. Evenly nail the seal clear across the bottom, making sure the long flap is on the exterior side, not in the garage.

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