Roto Multi Point Lock Information

Roto Multi Point Lock Information

This article applies to Roto brand multi-point locks; it details the different generations of Roto locks and explains how you can use replacement hardware in conjunction with Roto locks.

Roto has discontinued their old style multi-point locks and designed new, improved models. However, the newer designed gear box will not replace the oldest ones directly. Before anything else, you must figure out what you have.

All Single Point locks have been discontinued – Pictured Below

The overall face plate length was 13-3/8 inches. These can be replaced with the newer version with 15-3/4 inch face plate with minor modifications. See: Part # 40234

Multipoint Locks had 3 generations – 2 have been discontinued

Roto First Generation had a 13-3/8” face plate – Pictured Below

Roto Second Generation had a 15-3/4” face plate – Pictured Below

This lock has same configuration as the 13-3/8” lock, just a longer 15-3/4” Faceplate

Roto Third Generation has a 15-3/4” face plate – Pictured Below

The newest style lock has a Spring Latch and Deadbolt configuration that is 3/4” closer together than older styles. This will require minor modifications when installing.

Determine which lock you have. The locks have two faceplate sizes and two configurations:
1st Generation: 13-3/8”
2nd Generation: 15-3/4”
New style: 15-3/4”

Roto had 2 backsets (distance from edge of lock to center of handle)
Backsets: 1-3/8 (35mm) or 1-3/4 (45mm) this must be known to order replacement hardware.

Roto Multi-point locks had 2 version of locking devices, rollers or tongues.
Your actual measurements may vary from what is shown on measure sheet.
When measuring, the handle hole is the point of reference – everything is measured from the center of the handle.

Roto Measure Sheet: