Guide to Installing Phillips Brand Double Acting Floor Spring Hinge

Guide to Installing Phillips Brand Double Acting Floor Spring Hinge Guide to Installing Phillips Brand Double Acting Floor Spring Hinge This article pertains specifically to Phillips brand double-acting floor spring hinges. The simple purpose of a double action hinge is to allow a door to swing both ways. The Bommer style double acting hinge mounts … Read more

Guide to Atrium Doors

Guide to Atrium Doors The original Atrium hinged door was introduced about 1976 and was discontinued about 1997. The Atrium name became a common way of referring to any manufacturer that made that particular style of door (like Coke for soft drinks or Kleenex for facial tissue). Atrium Door Basics Doors The Atrium door was … Read more


Andersen Frenchwood Hinge Adjustment: 2005-Present The manufacturer’s guide to hinge adjustment included below from Andersen can be utilized for 2 series of Andersen doors: all doors of the A-Series Hinged Inswing doors and doors manufactured post -November 2005 400 Series Frenchwood doors. Download PDF Here This will not work for Frenchwood doors manufactured prior to … Read more

Using Aluminum Cases For Medical Instruments

February 22, 2019 Aluminum cases are great for transporting medical instruments. When transporting medical instruments, you need to make sure they are safe and secure. These medical tools will most likely be used to help save someone’s life or help them combat whatever might be ailing them, so they absolutely must be handled and transported … Read more

Video Equipment Transit Cases: The Top Safety Features

March 21, 2023 Your best video equipment transit cases will be able to transport this equipment and more without risk of damage. As a professional videographer or filmmaker, protecting your valuable video equipment while on the move is critical. A quality transit case can be the difference between arriving at your destination with your gear … Read more

Lessons to Learn From Cheap or Faulty Media Equipment Cases

September 5, 2023 There’s a lot to be learned from cheap or faulty media equipment cases. If you need to transport media equipment, such as cameras, tripods, lights, and all associated technologies, you know that transportation safety is essential. The security and protection provided by media equipment cases will determine how long your equipment lasts, … Read more

Essential Features for Your Government Issued Laptop Case

May 23, 2023 Protect your government-issued computer with a durable computer case. In today’s fast-paced and technologically-focused world, people across many industries travel with their laptop cases and depend on their equipment for various tasks. In the government, many people travel with their laptops and require secure and reliable access to their computers while knowing … Read more

Designing a Transit Case for High Temperatures

June 6, 2023 A transit case designed for high temperatures should have certain features. When transporting sensitive equipment and valuable items, transit cases play a significant role in protecting those items and ensuring they arrive safely. However, ordinary cases may fail to provide the necessary protection in extreme temperature conditions. Exposure to intense solar radiation … Read more

Protect Electronics from Vibration with Custom Transit Cases

February 7, 2023 Protect electronics from vibration and the resulting damage with a custom transit case. Electronics are valuable and sensitive equipment. If you are transporting your equipment without proper protection, the natural vibration from trucks and planes on your equipment while being transported can damage your electronics. Vibration to your electronics can damage devices … Read more