Ten Benefits An Aluminum Custom Case Provides

August 15, 2019 We will go over ten amazing benefits an aluminum custom case can offer you. An aluminum custom case is an excellent choice for transporting your belongings, as well as keeping them safe and secure. They are perfect for fragile equipment and for objects that might not hold up well against extreme temperatures, … Read more

How Transit Cases Protect Your Electronics from Vibrations

September 6, 2019 When you’re moving sensitive electronic equipment, the effects of vibrations may seem small, but they can have severe, critical failure causing, impact. When you’re storing and transporting sensitive and expensive equipment, having a custom-built case offers a wide range of benefits that can give you peace of mind. Not only can cases … Read more

The Best Interiors for Military Electronic Cases

August 8, 2023 Foam inserts are one interior to consider for military electronic cases. The American military must adhere to the highest standards when it comes to storing and handling their specialized equipment. Equipment that fails is not only unacceptable but can even have deadly consequences. To maintain the integrity of military electronics, custom cases … Read more

Even more Benefits of Aluminum Shipping Cases :: Metal Cases

October 11, 2012 Just when you thought we were done talking about aluminum cases, here we are again with even MORE benefits. And trust us; there are a ton of benefits of aluminum shipping cases. Even more Benefits of Aluminum Cases Resists Corrosion: Aluminum is extremely resistant to traditionally corrosive elements, such as salt water … Read more

Advice For Selecting Hardware for Flight Cases

September 11, 2019 When you’re looking for hardware used for flight cases, there are a few things you need to consider. Flight cases have become an essential piece of travel hardware, especially for those who have more delicate and fragile items that need to be transported. At first, it was mostly bands that were using … Read more

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Cases

February 8, 2019 Custom aluminum cases provide a ton of benefits. Custom aluminum cases will allow you to get your gear or equipment from origin to destination in the safest and more secure way possible. Although custom cases are made with many different materials, aluminum is one of the most dependable. You also won’t break … Read more

Get a Transit Case that Protects Against EMI

September 26, 2019 You need a transit case that can reduce the harm from EMI. Electronics these days are susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), also known as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Lightning isn’t the only destructive force out there Radio and microwave emissions, routers, phones, and radar pulses can all affect our electronics. While this … Read more